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Call India for 1.5¢ Per Minute!Great Long Distance savings!

Save on long distance calling!

Check our rates page to see our new super low rates available now! Take a look at these great rates:

Canada = .9¢  Less than a Penny! USA = 1.2¢
United Kingdom = 1¢ Hong Kong = 1.2¢
Mexico = 1¢ Spain = 1.1¢
Israel = 1.1¢ Puerto Rico = 1¢
France = 1¢ Singapore = 1¢
India = 1.5¢ Fiji -26¢

All Calls billed by the second! No Connection Fees! Minutes Never Expire!

When you join Sustaa long distance not only do you receive the lowest long distance rates anywhere, you also experience the best call quality. All calls are billed by the second! There are no connection fees! Minutes Never expire! We connect your long distance calls via our service so you only pay pennies per minute on each call. In order to save, you dial an access number with your landline or cell phone. Calls from either your cell phone, or your office/home phone are debited from your prepaid Sustaa account at our super low rates! You can make cheap long distance calls from your mobile cell phone!

Call Anywhere, Anytime! As much As You Want!

Sustaa Long Distance offers the most affordable and convenient way of making long distance calls from your home, office or even cell phone using the same prepaid account. Never any access fees, surcharges or any hidden fees. All rates are subject to change. Visit our Rates section to learn more about the fees. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: During the first 30 days after sign up, if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason, we will gladly refund your remaining balance. You are free to cancel the service at anytime by calling Customer Service. After 30 days, any remaining balance on an account can be refunded only in the case of a technical problems with Sustaa Long Distance services that cannot be resolved in reasonable time. Unlike phone cards that advertise misleading "low rates", our rates are clean, there are never additional hidden fees or taxes. In most cases calling cards have numerous hidden fees and the minutes promised are received only for one continuous call. Consumers should also keep in mind that most calling cards require you to enter a PIN for every call. This is particularly inconvenient if the user is on the go or misplaces their calling card. Sustaa Long Distance is the only program that remembers the user's phone numbers and does not require you to enter a PIN. Plus Sustaa Long Distance is reloadable as opposed to buying a new phone card every time one runs out.